Sales related questions

Orders are electronic delivered by email within 24 hours after you have placed the order but expect it within some hours or even faster.

Your order is electronic delivered by e-mail within 24 hours after you have placed the order but expect it within some hours or even faster.

If you after 24 hours still have not received your registration details please check your spam or junk folder and what email did you use when ordering your license as this is the email address your registration details for phpDesigner will be sent to. If you still have not received your registration details for phpDesigner contact me.

No. You need the commercial license if you are making money of your work created with phpDesigner 7 or if you use your license at work.

Upgrade your personal license to a commercial license for phpDesigner 7 here.

Due to the electronic nature of the software I cannot refund your order. However, you can freely evaluate phpDesigner for 21 days to see if it meets your requirements before you order your license.

Send me an e-mail with a request for your registration details for phpDesigner 7 including the e-mail you used when ordering your license or order number and I'll e-mail your registration details for phpDesigner 7.

This depends on your license, with a commercial license you can install it on your workstation at work, on your laptop and on all your computers at home, as long as your are the only user of it. With a personal license, you can however only install it on your private laptop and on your computers at home and as long as you are the only user of it.

Updates are minor feature additions, enhancements and fixes, within the same version number, i.e. 7.0, 7.05, 7.1 etc. All registered users can receive updates of the same version they have purchased free of charge.

Upgrades are major changes to the program and a change in the left part of the version number, i.e. 6.0, 7.0 8.0 etc. All registered users can upgrade with a up to 30% discount of the listed price.

Stop paying for product upgrades and protect your software investment. Get the Upgrade Assurance (on a per-single user license basis) and you’ll receive all major and minor product upgrades and updates for phpDesigner free of charge during a one-year period or two-year period.

All prices are listed without VAT. If you are located in any EU country and do not have a VAT number, VAT will be added at your local rate to your order as required by EU regulations on electronically delivered goods.

Yes. Simply contact me by e-mail with how many seats you need.

The academic license for phpDesigner 7 is only available to students and teaching staff of accredited educational institutions, including vocational/trade schools, colleges, universities and institutions.

To qualify, you must have an e-mail address from an educational institution or a valid academic ID with a picture and visible enrolment date. To apply for an academic license, send an e-mail to me.

Support related questions

Go to the menu File > Data Folder, go one level up and backup the file 'phpdesigner.xml' and the folder 'phpdesigner'.

This is a problem caused by Teamviewer. When Teamviewer is running it put a small button near windows options buttons, you need to click that button and cancel Teamviewer for phpDesigner.exe and phpDesigner 7 will work fine again.

Update: The same applies to Actual Windows Manager.

It is very difficult to tell the different between a UTF-8 encoding without BOM and ANSI. To solve this problem you can either enable the BOM for UTF-8 encoding from the menu File or the Preferences or add a special character like the Danish special character “Æ” in your document.

MySQL is an extension to PHP. You must configure your PHP to work with MySQL.

Once you have configured your PHP installation, please configure the path of your PHP installation including the configured php.ini file in the menu Tools > Preferences > Debugger.

This is due to your PHP and the syntax check for PHP in phpDesigner 7. In the menu Tools > Preferences > Editor > Debugger > Syntax check, you can either disable or configure your PHP installation.

Xdebug is a third-party application. See http://www.xdebug.com for installation guide. The default PHP that comes with phpDesigner 7 is preconfigured to work with Xdebug.

Try reset the settings for your search. This is done from the menu File > Data Folder. Delete the file searchReplace.xml. Important: phpDesigner 7 must be closed during this operation.

You can change the default charset (specify your own) from the menu File > New > Edit Template. Select and edit the HTML/XHTML template and check the 'Use this template'.