Ext JS in phpDesigner 7

phpDesigner 7 comes with a built-in JavaScript Editor. Access and work with your JavaScript classes and functions through the code completion and code tip on the fly and easily navigate through your JavaScript with the declaration manager. phpDesigner 7 comes with support for working with all the popular JavaScript frameworks like jQuery, Ext JS, YUI, Dojo, MooTools and Prototype!

Ext JS

Ext JS a JavaScript library for building interactive web applications using techniques such as Ajax, DHTML and DOM scripting1). It includes2):

  • High performance, customizable UI widgets
  • Well designed and extensible Component model
  • An intuitive, easy to use API


By default Ext JS is automatic enabled in phpDesigner 7. However, in order to run a script using the classes or functions from Ext JS you must either download and place it together with your files or link to it, this is done from the menu JavaScript > Frameworks > Ext JS.

If like to disable the support for Ext JS in phpDesigner 7. Go to the folder where you installed phpDesigner 7, and edit the file xmlJavaScript-ExtJS.xml. Change the value, and and restart phpDesigner 7:

<module name="ExtJS" disabled="False">


<module name="ExtJS" disabled="True">

Working with Ext JS in phpDesigner 7


You can easily navigate and browse all listed classes and functions in Ext JS from the menu Go to. Select Project Declaration > All. You can filter all the listed classes and functions by type and name.

Code Completion

The Code completion for JavaScript will be displayed on the fly as you continue to write your code and is able to detect the context and display JavaScript items based on the context. You need to be inside a JavaScript block in order to access all classes and functions listed in Ext JS. The Code Completion will be automatic triggered once typing. For manual triggering simply press 'CTRL+SPACE'.

Disable the Code completion from the menu Tools > Preferences > Editor > Code completion > Disable.

Code Tip

The contextual Code Tip for JavaScript helps you complete predefined functions from Ext JS easily by automatically showing the expected parameters for the current function. You need to be inside a JavaScript block in order to work with all listed classes and functions in Ext JS using the Code Tip. It is automatic triggered on the fly as you continue to write your code or manually invoked by pressing CTRL.